Preschool (ages 4-6 years) Intro 1

Through a variety of teaching aids such as alphabet charts, flashcards, blocks, play-dough, games, songs and stories, this class introduces the 2nd half of the Arabic Alphabet and numbers from 1-10 in a fun and interactive way.


Teacher : May Darwiche

Date / Time :Thursdays 4:45 pm – 6:45 pm OR Saturdaya 10am-12noon

Sessions / Hours : 34 sessions, September ’18   – June ‘19

Course Materials: Worksheets and in-class materials & Weekly library book for home reading


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the 34 week session (68 contact hours), students will be able to:

Identify the three vowel letters (أ و ي) and the first half of the alphabet letters in their independent form (e.g. ب not بـ ، ـبـ ).

Iintroduce themselves (their name and age), family, and use expressions such as “I have, I don’t have” عندي، ما عندي)

As well as words related to objects around the classroom (باب، كرسي، طاولة، لوح، كتاب، قلم)

Identify the colors (أبيض، أسود، أصفر، أزرق، أخضر، أحمر )  

A few animals such as (فيل، بطة، دب، سمكة، أرنب، فراشة)