Intermediate I

Grades 3 (advanced) – Grade 5 | Winter/Spring 2016


Teacher : Rula Joudeh

Time / Date : Tuesdays 4:45 – 6:45pm 

Sessions / Hours : 34 sessions, September ’18  – June ’19

Course Materials: Writing exercise book and teacher handouts depending on student level

Learning Outcomes

Conversational Skills (listening & speaking)

respond to basic greetings

describe immediate surroundings

express agreement and disagreement, and expressions of “I have, I don’t have” etc.

respond to question words and use demonstrative pronouns (هذا، هذه)

tell a short narrative of a specific event or experience (e.g. what I did in the summer)

use of correct verb conjugation (هو يكتب، هي تكتب)


start with sentences then to reading short paragraphs depending on individual level

identifying certain words in a paragraph

matching sentences to pictures


weekly spelling quizzes

breakdown letters in words

create different word combinations from a number of letters

fill in the blanks (missing letters in word in its correct position in the word)

writing sentences comprised of 3+ words (ربى تشرب الحليب)