Preschool Class (ages 2-4)

Teacher : May Darwiche

Date / Time : Saturday 10 am-12 pm

Sessions / Hours : 34 sessions, September ’18   – June ‘19

Course Materials: Workbooks for home practice & Weekly library book for home readin

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the 34 weeks (68 contact hours), students will be able to:

16 of the alphabet letters in their independent form and sight read names of classmates

Introduce themselves (their name and age), and use expressions such as “I have, I don’t have” عندي، ما عندي)

Use words related to objects around the classroom (باب، كرسي، طاولة، لوح، كتاب، قلم), breakfast foods, count to ten, and know the names of some animals

Identify the colors (أبيض، أسود، أصفر، أزرق، أخضر، أحمر )  

Sing 4-5 songs in Arabic