• We are passionate about teaching Arabic.

    This is the first thing you will know about us.


    Bulbul Academy in Oakville welcomes students of various ages and backgrounds to learn Arabic and gain an understanding of the Arabic culture in a unique, inviting, caring, and innovative fashion.

    Did you know we have over 15 years experience teaching Arabic in North America?

    Our first academy, Alpha-Z Language Center was birthed in the Washington DC/Virginia area, then moved to Oakville when its founder moved to Canada in December of 2006. The academy was resurrected in Oakville in the fall of 2014.

    From speaking and reading the language, to eating the food and enjoying the music, we are passionate about many aspects of Arabic culture! We even have a small SOUK on premises which has cultural and educational items from the Middle East. Stop by for a browse on your next visit.